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Reva Murphy Associates Inc

Smart Logistics and Planning

As a woman-owned family business, we have specialized in commercial roofing for the last 25 years with an emphasis on viewing a project through the owner's perspective with their goals in mind. We have always completed a project on time and within budget. We have a zero change order philosophy.

We are certified professionals of all major roofing manufacturers and can supply extended warranties with our Master Roofer status.


  • EDWOSB- Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business
  • DBE- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • LBE- Local Business Enterprise ( San Francisco)
  • SBA-SBE Small Business Enterprise

Our Values

Reva Murphy Associates is a women-owned business with foundational business values.

Industrial and Commercial Roofing

Reva Murphy Associates, Inc. has over two decades of professional expertise and experience in installing a variety of warrantied commercial roof membranes and cool coating systems.

Emergency Repair and Leak Service

When your roof needs a repair, call us! We provide a comprehensive roof evaluation with thorough roof inspection. We locate the problem, provide a comprehensive report together with a recommendation to eliminate the problem you are experiencing

Preventative Maintenance

We offer a full service to provide you with scheduled inspections, base repairs, and roof condition reports to keep you fully informed on the performance of your roof asset. This service is designed to keep your commercial roof in good condition and to eliminate the unexpected and costly roof replacement as a result of not knowing the condition of your commercial property and how to eliminate roof failures. Our goal is to prolong the life cycle of your roofing assets.

Reva Murphy Associates Inc
Reva Murphy Associates Inc

Historical Restorations

We are well-equipped and have specialized skills in preserving and restoring historic structures. Get expert analysis on your property from our preservationist for the restoration of structural stability.

Our services are tailored according to your requirement, and we ensure your historic structure lasts for many generations. Our expertise includes delivering a variety of historical roof restoration systems and working with historical architects and preservationists.


Reva Murphy Associates Inc
  • John Muir House
  • National Park Service
  • Dept. of Interior
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Dept. of Veterans Administration
  • Borelli Investment
  • Shorenstein Asset Service
  • US Post Office
  • Ft. Mason Foundation
  • Alcatraz